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The Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB, is an advanced level program which allow successful student to gain admission into 200 level in any selected university of choice. This program is not just for the brilliants students but for the determined heart that is ready to sacrifice time and energy with his/her books and study hard.
The question now is; why do student still fail IJMB examination? It has been stated that the IJMB exam is not difficult but technical, but 10% out of the 100% still fail the exam due to the following fact:-

I.Lack of Adequate Preparation: There is a saying that “he who fail to plan, plan to fail”. The failure to read and review/ revise what have been taught by their respective teacher is a major factor leading to the failure of student in the IJMB exams; most student see their books and assignment as a punishment to them rather than help from their teachers; they spend more time on social media rather than reading and revising; on getting to the examination hall, this set of student practically have nothing to write down as answer to the question.
II.Over-confidence and Believe in Exam Mal-practice: This one of the vital reason why student fail IJMB Examination. Most students see examination to be more of a normal assessment test, they feel research is irrelevant and they could pass the exam with their old knowledge which practically fails them in the exam hall. While some other students have a lot of faith in examination mal-practice the corruption in the academic sector is really affecting the life of the student. These students would not bother to read because they might have paid some amount to the coordinator heading the respective IJMB centre, and sometimes when this student get to the examination hall they are disappointed as the external IJMB invigilator prevent the respective coordinator from assisting them, and due to the students unwilling to learn and read during the lecture time they fail the examination woefully.
III.Lack of qualified lecturers: Non Accredited IJMB Centres often employ under qualified lecturers and this makes the management of the respective centre go for less qualified lecturers, who ends up passing the wrong lectures to the student due to these facts most of the student fail the exams because they are not well equipped to face the task ahead.
IV.Lack of Relevant Materials (Textbooks): The non-accredited centers where IJMB lectures are being held sometimes find it difficult to provide all the necessary materials to the students. This makes it very difficult for the student to read base on the IJMB curriculum, sometimes student are not opportune to have the syllabus (i.e. reading off point by concentrating on irrelevant topics in their respective subject), and very disastrous to the success of student in their respective subject during exam.
V.Environmental Anomaly: Environment affects the outcome of the success of the student when not given adequate attention. Some exam centers do not have standard facilities (i.e. having faulty chairs and desks and so on) which are also less than the number of students in the hall. This can cause congestion among the students in the hall which actually leads to the fainting of some student having health issues. And when the examination hall is located in a very poor region which gets the student stressed out before getting to the examination hall, most especially having the location in an area where there is presence of insurgency. Whereby student writing exam would not be at rest and could affect them psychologically in producing the right answers to the question.


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