NABTEB ADVANCED LEVEL PROGRAMME is an alternative Advanced level programme established to afford candidates the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and further their careers in the various higher institution of learning both in Nigeria and Foreign universities. A Candidate with NABTEB Certificate is qualified for 200 level admission into the University.

The NABTEB Advanced Level Programme is a National examination equivalent to IJMB, JUPEB and CAMBRIDGE.

NABTEB A'LEVEL, like any other A'Level examination, allows students to secure admission into 200 Level in the University through Direct Entry. Nabteb Advanced Level Examinations include ANBC and ANTC.

The available subjects for the NAGCE include:

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  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Advanced Computer Craft
  • Advanced Economics
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Advanced Business Management
  • Advanced English

Candidates for NABTEB A'LEVEL shall register for 3 A'Level subjects depending on the intended course of study in the university. Being a standard examination, NABTEB result is not accessible online but it is printed in hard copy.

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The NABTEB A'LEVEL is conducted once a year in Nov/Dec. The result is released after 90 days to meet admission requirements at various Universities.

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