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IJMB is widely accepted for directly entry admission across many universities in Nigeria and abroad. Large number of outstanding universities in Nigeria today now accept IJMB as a requirement for admission into 200 level. Most Sought Universities That Accept IJMB
1. University of Ilorin, Ilorin.
Average Student Population: 40,000
Average Yearly Applicants: 80,000
Average Yearly Intake: 11,000
Faculties: 15 Departments: 113
Unilorin is currently the most sought after university in Nigeria due to her stable academic calendar for the past decade.
Statistically, Unilorin offers admission to about 2000 direct entry students out of the 3200 applicants. The percent is something around 60%, which is about 3 out of 5 applicants
Unilorin accepts 5-9 points for educational courses;
7-12points for science, paramedical, social science and administrative courses;
7-12points for Art courses; 12-15points for Medicine and pharmacy;
8-13points for Engineering.

2. University of Benin, Nigeria. (Federal)
Student Population: 50,000
Average Yearly Applicants: 72,000
Average Yearly Intake: 10,000
Faculties: 15 Departments: 91
UNIBEN is the second most sought university in Nigeria with approximate 69,000 annual applicants who are JAMBites. UNIBEN admits about 10,000 students yearly.
Each of the 91 departments in UNIBEN admits about 13 direct entry students yearly which sum up to about 1200 intakes.
Estimates also shows that UNIBEN admits about 60% of their qualified direct entry applicants.
UNIBEN IJMB Point System
UNIBEN Requires 12pts for Law, Economics and other Administrative courses
5 points and above for Science and other Paramedical courses
5-9 points Faculty of Education, Agriculture, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanity
8 points and above for Political Science, Mass Communication and other relatives course
UNIBEN does not accept IJMB into Structural Engineering

3. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Federal)
Student Population: 40,000
Average Yearly Applicants: 70,000
Average Yearly Intake: 8,000
Faculties: 7 || Courses/Departments: 87
What about UNIZIK and IJMB? UNIZIK has the 3rd most sought university in Nigeria has the average of yearly applicants of 70,000 students with the average of 8,000 yearly intakes
Fortunately, UNIZIK has about 67,000 of her applicants from JAMB. Only 3,000 for direct entry. Our survey shows that UNIZIK admits about 15 direct entry students per department. This approximate to 1300 slots, somewhere around 43%.
UNIZIK IJMB Point System
Requires a minimum of 4pts into Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Arts(Languages)
6pts into Faculties of Accounting,
6pts for Engineering, and Medicine
6pts minimum for Physiotherapy.

4. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Student Population: 40,000
Average Yearly Applicants: 70,000
Average Yearly Intake: 8,000
Faculties: 12 || Courses/Departments: 82

Complete List of Universities That Accept IJMB for Admission into 200 Level


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